Born and raised in sunny Recife🇧🇷. I've lived and worked in Shenzhen🇨🇳 and São Paulo🇧🇷. I care for 2 cats, speak 5 languages and got 7 tattoos.

A lot has changed through the years but some of the things that remain unchanged are my love for football (European variety), human technology and the sea.

After gradutation from UFPE, I worked as a unicorn in healthtech, politics, fintech, edtech and then fintech again, up until the pandemic hit and I decided to take some time off. Right now I'm on fire and eager for new challenges.

I'm currently collaborating on Biciflow and studying for graduate school applications. I wish to pursue a masters in computer science, specifically AI and image generating, which is a topic I've grown fond of ever since I first learned about it.