About myself

Born and raised in sunny Recife, based in chaotic São Paulo. Aspiring digital nomad. Bad jokes machine.

I love tech and art and where they meet. I started working as a 2D artist while still in high school, then went on to study design at uni. I got involved in tech events and competitions, met awesome human beings and learned to connect people, tools and information to keep on ever solving new problems ahead.

Creating is at the core of everything I do. There's something about the feel of making something into existence that doesn't equate to any other feel. A close second is definitely getting rid of unused CSS.

I'm always learning new things and tackling new challenges. In order to survive&thrive in my skin I had to learn to take notes, focus and most importantly how to let go, which is the darest challenge of all to us quote unquote generalists.

Some of the things that have remained unchanged through the years are football⚽️, drawing, writing and nerding. Off the clock you may find me playing sports, reading geopolitics or watching bad reality tv with friends.

About the website

I've been designing and coding versions of this site since 2017. You can find more about the project here

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